Grade 5-8 Boys

Boys in Grades 5-8 require a Ridley Crested Blazer, a white long sleeve oxford shirt, a lower school tie, grey pants, black belt, at least one of the Lower School pullovers or vests, some lower school black or white polo shirts (either short or long sleeve), a grey Ridley sport t-shirt, black Ridley shorts, Ridley sweatpants, and a Ridley pullover hoodie or full zip hoodie.  Black polishable shoes are required to be worn with grey pants.

Grade 5-8 Girls

The requirements are the same except for the grey pants.  Girls have the option of wearing grey pants or the grey kilt.  Girls will also require a lower school plaid kilt.


NOTE** Boys and girls in Grades 7 and 8 may wear the Navy Upper School Cardigan.

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